I believe that we naturally look outside of ourselves when we face challenges in our lives. We turn to changing and manipulating our appearances for a sense of control, hoping that we will solve our problems by moulding ourselves into the latest beauty ideal. This most often results in us feeling more insecure and lost than when we started.   Through my own journey and connecting with 100’s women through my work, I know that a real ‘glow up’ is an inside job.  We have to face ourselves and figure out who we are and what we want, and I love holding the space and guiding women through the process in my work as a coach.

As well as 1:2:1 Coaching, I run The Glow Up Gang group membership. The Glow Up Gang is a gorgeous community of women who come together to work on being their highest, more confident version of themselves. I host monthly workshops, bring in guest expert speakers and hold a sacred sharing circle once a month. The doors are currently closed to The Glow Up Gang membership, but join the waiting list below to be notified when there is another intake. 


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Join the waiting list to be the first to know availability!


Join the waiting list to be the first to know availability!



Do you spend hours in the mirror pulling your body apart, believing that if you could change this and shrink that then you will be happier?

Have you ever held back from doing what you really want to, down to fear of what other people might think?

Can you imagine living a bigger and bolder life, but sometimes find yourself feeling lost in who you are and what you want? 

Through working together I can help you:

Figure out what’s really going on behind your body image hang ups and give you the tools to turn negative self talk into positive affirmations.  

Build up the courage to fully step into your power and own yourself and your goals. 

Become so clear in who you are and what you want that you no longer worry about what other people think about you.



“Since first starting with Vic she made me feel relaxed and at ease.  I can find it hard to open up to people but found her warming nature safe and trusting.  Vic pushes you to dig deep and really question your beliefs, why they’re there and how to change that.  For me, Vic is incredibly relatable and could empathise with my situation and I felt I could connect with her deeply because of that.  She made me realise there’s so much more to life than our external frames, something that had been so ingrained in my beliefs for years, and opened my mind my to new ways of thinking and perspective.  I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with Vic and could not recommend her highly enough.”

“Working with Victoria gave me the confidence to completely change my life pathway.  She helped me gain confidence in myself, my body, my mind and my ability.  In turn, this has made me a happier, more confident person and has even given me the ability to help others too.  It is rare to find someone who is motivation yet understanding, compassionate and creative.  Victoria is most definitely all of these.  Victoria genuinely helped me change my life, I cannot thank her enough and I will be forever grateful.”


It is important for me to highlight that I do not work with people on Eating Disorder recovery. If you’re looking for help and guidance on your recovery check out Beat.

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** Vic prides herself for showing up for her clients with an open heart and is ready to invest all of her time, energy and expertise into making sure that you receive the guidance and transformation that you want. Before booking in a discovery call, Vic needs to know that you too are ready to make that investment in yourself.
Vic’s Most popular client package is a 3 month program with a £1500 investment (most clients choose a monthly payment plan).

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