What if you could let go of what other people think about you and care more about what YOU think about yourself? What if you knew how to become the most confident and authentic version of yourself WITHOUT needing to change your body, keep up your appearance or mould yourself into somebody you’re not?








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Do you ever scroll through Instagram or spend time with somebody who oozes so much confidence and self-assuredness, wishing you could give less fucks and show up as your most authentic self too?

Maybe you think Confidence is in the DNA, and you are either born with it, or you’re not, and you find yourself secretly envying those who got the ‘own yourself’ gene.

Perhaps you actually tried the ‘fake it til you make it’ method, and it felt really great until somebody threw soul-destroying ‘who does she think she is?’ criticism your way, so you went back into hiding and committed never to own yourself ever again.

Listen, confidence is accessible to EVERYONE. It’s not a DNA thing, it’s a mindset thing, and my FREE 5-Day Confident AF Workshop is going to provide you with the tools, the practises and the support system you need to step into your power, create unshakable self-acceptance and Feel Confident AF!

My FREE SIGNATURE CONFIDENT AF WORKSHOP & Challenge is coming next week, and it’s open to every one of you!

If you want to learn how to…

  • Let go of feeling shit about your appearance, and cultivate pure body confidence & self-acceptance.
  • Ditch people-pleasing for showing up as your authentic self 24/7
  • Unlock the courage to manifest your dream life and career
  • Call in more aligned and supportive friendships and relationships.
  • Figure out what’s getting in the way of your confidence and learn how to overcome it
  • Own yourself every fucking day!

…inside a whole community, badass women who are just like you…Then the Confidence challenge is for you!


From August 23rd- 27th at 7 pm BST,  I am going live every day to share my signature ‘How to feel Confident AF’ framework.

I will help you understand how you have approached confidence in a way that has set you up to fail until this point and help you redefine confidence in a way that feels empowering and achievable to you. I will teach you how to let go of self-sabotaging thoughts and disempowering habits and how to create high vibes that will have you attracting your dream life, friendships and relationships.


I’ll be giving away £1500 worth of prizes throughout the challenge! Including Vouchers for your favourite places to shop, A years Scholarship to my membership ‘The Glow Up Gang’, The ultimate Tanning kit, My The Glow Up Journal and more!